How It Works

Get funded the quick, easy and safe way.

This is how Crowdraising works
  • Falling short of funds required to achieve your goal, dream or need?

  • Raise funds for personal needs, social causesand creative ideas by creating a fundraiser inless than 3 minutes

  • Share the fundraiser link with everybody you think can support your cause using all your social media platforms.

  • Withdraw the raised funds at any point and go, make it happen

Why Ketto?

  • Ketto is Asia's most-visited crowdfunding platform with the largest funding community as per Alexa's traffic statistics (
  • You can create and personalize your fundraiser page in minutes
  • We accept donations through all online transaction modes like credit card, debit card netbanking and payment wallets
  • Get instant updates on your fundraiser's progress via instant alerts, email and track each and everything from a real-time dashboard
  • Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is absolutely FREE
  • We offer you 24*7 assistance from dedicated fundraiser managers throughout your fundraising journey via call, WhatsApp, email, SMS and our Instant Chatting Interface
  • We accept donations in both INR & USD
  • This is your money, you can withdraw it at any point during the course of your fundraiser

Benefits of crowdfunding

  • Social crowdfunding

    Get funded to pay even for the high cost of treatment
    Asking For Money Isn't Easy, crowdfunding makes the process of asking for money easier and way more seamless
    Loan Repayment Is Stressful - Crowdfunding comes without debts, no repayment.
    Emergencies Demand a Prompt Response - crowdfunding gives you a platform to share your emergency, and helps you gather funds quickly.
  • Creative crowdfunding

    Get instant validation for your idea. Reduce the amount of time you spend on ideas that turn out not to be viable.
    Test markets and assess demand for your project.
    Generate buzz around your brand and establish a marketing platform that resonates with the target market.
    Receive instant feedback during the project-building testing stage. Continue improving your project and receiving feedback at each stage of your crowdfunding process. Improve your project before it launches on a larger scale.